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Mike Carr/Northern Arts Studio
offers classes for ages 3 and up.*
We also offer private instruction.
. *Children must be potty trained
Mike Carr Karate Kenpo Katas

Kenpo Katas
Kenpo is a form of martial arts that emphasizes rapid hand and coordinated foot strikes. Kenpo techniques cover a range of elements including kicks, sets, blocks, weapons, self-defense techniques and a focused mindset. Each is applied to a different set of circumstances, i.e., frontal assaults, multiple assaults, certain punches and blocks and more.
A kata is a series of small, structured practice routines. Not unlike driving a car, you first learn how to drive, and then apply those skills to navigating and other external criteria. Katas take a specific, approach to these different situations
and acts as a set by which to practice.
Kenpo Kata Demonstration Videos

Short 1 Long 1
Short 2 Long 2
Short 3 Long 3
Mass Attack Panther Set
Kenpo Techniques MMA Techniques
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